That’s the big question “Am I hungry” or is it mindless eating? I have a few tools you can use for Mindful Eating to help you be aware of what goes in to your mouth. I believe our environmental factors have a major play here which leads to habits (which is discussed in the previous blog on fearless mindset training and habits). A few points to consider to outsmart your eating environment. . .

  • Choose meal plans to suit your lifestyle and family, this can be through a weight management coach, nutritionist, dietician as examples of giving you personalised advise or direction
  • Choose nutrient rich food over unhealthy food as the majority of your daily food expenditure
  • Eat your nutrient rich food before any less nutrient food of what is on your plate so you may not feel hungry for the rest
  • Put your normal portion food on your plate you would normally have but eat only half of it, go away for 20 minutes (distract yourself) then come back and see if your still hungry for the rest
  • ¬†Remove food distractions out of eye sight (out of sight out of mind)
  • Put all your nutrient rich food at the front of your fridge/pantry
  • Put all your less nutrient food/tempting food in containers or al foil so you can’t see them
  • Think ahead outside of your home environment and prep your day with take out food (from home) eg Work, Car, Movies, Beach, Picnic, Holidays, Travelling
  • Go shopping on a full stomach
  • Have¬† your shopping list ready and know exactly what you need prior to going so you know what to get in what isle, minimize distractions
  • Grab all your nutrient rich food first and less nutrient food last
  • Be accountable to someone or something eg Social Media (your supportive friends), My Fitness Pal (your friends), Calorie King, My Dietician, are to name a few
  • Self monitor daily, change what isn’t working for you as there could be something you haven’t tried that is simple and effective that can change your life!

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