• The ideal place to meditate is a quiet spot (for example, in the garden or a quite part of your home) where you do not expect to be interrupted.
  • Wear loose clothing and remove your shoes if possible.
  • You can use incense, an oil burner or a candle as an aid to meditation. You should always make sure, however, that they are not in an area where they could fall over and start a fire if unattended.
  • Avoid any background music, as the type of meditation we will be performing is all about heightening your senses, and for that you need quiet.
  • Start with five to 10 minutes daily any time of the day that suits your lifestyle.
  • I recommend meditating first thing in the morning as this will set you up in a positive mindset for the rest of the day. As your practice becomes easier then work your way up to 20 minutes a day if this fits in with your lifestyle.
  • The best attitude to have with meditation is to be very patient with yourself.
  • Having a sense of expectation of immediate positive results can create uncomfortable pressure and take away the enjoyment of this wonderful experience.
  • Last Tip. . . .Be kind and gentle—that is what meditation is all about.

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