Anyone can be attuned to the reiki energy and become a healer for themselves, others and for our planet. Reiki is divided into three degrees, Reiki I is the first degree which you learn how to heal yourself and anything that is living. . .eg people, pets, plants.

Reiki II is for anyone who has already completed Reiki I (through any Reiki Master) and wishes to also do distant healing eg heal others across the other side of the world, world issues and a deeper understanding with the energy and ancient symbols that can be used. Reiki III is for anyone who has completed the last two Reiki attunements and would like to become a Reiki Master teacher themselves. This is the most rewarding attunement as it is a very strong energy and a commitment to oneself with the Reiki practice.

I am a Reiki Master of Usui and Senju-Kannon and can give these attunements when you feel the time is right for you. I give you a workbook as well as ongoing support once you have completed either I II III or all of them.

My vision as a Reiki practitioner and intuitive healer is to increase the relationship with the understanding that we are all here on this planet to work together as one. . . .

“I have had both a reading and a Reiki from this lovely, warm lady whom I now call a friend. I believe Alli to be genuine in the treatment and information she gives to clients that I would not hesitate to recommend her to the world if she could keep up with treating us all lol. I have been attuned by Alli for my Reiki 1 and had quite the experience with her receiving flashes of purple light when she was working over my third eye area, this was before I knew how the colour related. My dog also went nuts around me when I got home from seeing her and Alli explained how Reiki tickles dogs which I thought was cool. Thanks for enlightening me Alli and helping me share the love of Reiki”

Tracey Kendall
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