This weekly online programme will fast track you to find your inner warrior and create the future of your mind body and spirit. I will help you transform deep negative emotions into positive ones and create your goals for a greater purpose through the principles of Metaphysical energy. This 8 week online programme goes into more detail than the One Day Workshop that touches on a few of these topics.

The 8 Week Workshops include:
  • Goal setting and body measurements for Mind Body and Spirit and how you can overcome any obstacles to prevent it from happening
  • How affirmations work and how you can make them work for you, guided meditation on this topic
  • How the principles of metaphysics work, the “Missing Link” and how it can work for you to create a positive mindset
  • Subconscious v’s Conscious mind how to distinguish between the two mindsets and make them work for you in a positive way
  • Changing habits and negative emotions through Daily Deliberate Actions
  • Healthy eating advice
  • Nutritional suggestions with High and Low GI and Alkaline and Acidic forming foods
  • Exercise suggestions and programming benefits of cardiovascular and strength training
  • Self healing, learning how to heal yourself via chakra rebalancing
  • Bootcamp circuit for beginners and advanced
  • Guided meditation on learning how to relax the body and going deeper to clear the mind and work with your senses

Putting all the workshops together to create the mind body spirit you have always wanted. . . . .

You will work hard mentally to drive the results physically, which will then recreated your spiritual side. I will show you the “Missing Link” as to why you haven’t been able up until now conquer your ongoing daily battles with life and body issues. This “Missing Link will work on all aspects of your life mind body and spirit.

So what have you got to lose? Just the negativity that has stopped you from finding your greater purpose!

So why should you invest your time and money in the TWP Programme?

I cover all bases of Mind Body and Spirit, learning how energy works to change your mindset.

I teach you guided meditation to be able to relax the body and clear your mind to be able to make better choices.

I teach you how to eat balanced nutritious food, different types of physical exercise training to loose body fat and increase fitness, build strength and lean muscle mass.

You learn how to heal yourself with energy techniques to clear negative energy. Create goals and working with your affirmations to work for you through visualisation work on your senses and more. . .

You will become empowered to have the tools to work on a deep mental emotional and physical level to change negative emotions to positive ones through daily deliberate actions.

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I believe YOU have the power to achieve your goals by working with the principles I share with you to have the body of your dreams to feel and look great!

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