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The Transformational Warrior Weight Management and Lifestyle Package

                                              Do you suffer low self-esteem – depression – anxiety – body shape stays the same – emotional eating – yoyo battle with Weight – bad habits – no motivation?      Stress and Depression are now one of the biggest killers in the world today!

 If you said yes to at least one of these issues then my personalised Weight Management and Lifestyle Package is for you!

What you get:



I believe YOU HAVE THE POWER ​to achieve your goals and dreams by working with the principles I will share with you to have the body of your dreams with a positive mindset every day of your life.


Investment: $200 (2 hour coaching session)    In person, Skype, Phone

 What’s not working needs to change, book in now for a lifestyle make over! 

Create the FUTURE for your


Alli Keating: Transformational Warrior “How I overcame daily obstacles to achieve my goals. . .”

As a teenager to the age of 18 I struggled with my weight and looks, feeling insecure and being bullied at school. I meet a wonderful lady at the age of 18 who took me under her wing who owned a model agency, I did all her courses in Deportment and Grooming, Catwalk and Photography. I then went onto Uni to study Fitness, that’s where my life turned around. I lost weight as well as learnt how to do this myself and the confidence through the course and work I did with Step Ahead Promotions Model Agency over the two years.

alli-keating-before-after- transformational-warrior

I then went onto working in the fitness industry for a long time teaching classes, personal training, managing health clubs and teaching health and wellness workshops and also being a spiritual reader and reiki healer.

I however found it hard and also my clients found it hard to overcome daily obstacles and past history and stressful situations that would arise when trying to reach a goal or accomplish something. We all have past and present issues in our lives that have stopped them from achieving their goals.

I also had issues being a single mum from when I was pregnant. So I wrote a journal while I was pregnant on my feelings on a daily basis and how to overcome negative thoughts, and I continued this for 12 months after my son was born.


This helped me find my trigger and how to overcome the negative thoughts from the past and present and turn them into positive ones. I then started back into weight training a year after my son was born and set myself a goal of 12 months cleaner eating and good balanced weight and cardio training.

I then got on stage and competed in 2013, I gave myself another 12 month goal of even cleaner eating and solid training to compete and be better than where I was 12 months prior.

I did it, I accomplished what I set out to do! I had daily issues throughout the whole process but set my mind to focus on positive reinforcement on a daily basis with a 5 minutes meditation to re centre my mind.


So some of you may be thinking “It’s easier for Alli as she teaches health and fitness”.

That may be true but what we all have to realise is everyone has their own issues and goals, we just need to focus upon ourselves to strive forward no matter what is put in our path.

I teach health and wellness from a spiritual point of view as everything needs to start from the mind. Being mindful of your thoughts in every moment of the day.

I have been coaching competition prep now for a few seasons going into the depth of spirituality to help my clients become a better version of themselves from the inside first, this is what a true champion is!

alli-keating-figure-girl- transformational-warrior

I’m the owner/founder of The Transformational Warrior I run consultations via phone or internet and one on one.

My passion is about creating a positive mindset for you to overcome daily emotional issues that stop you from becoming happy and achieving your dreams and goals.

I want to EMPOWER you to create a positive mindset for a long term happy and healthy lifestyle from the inside out. . . . .

I’m straight to the point, teaching you to transform the mind body spirit with hard mental and physical work to be results driven.

Competition Profile

2018 WFF Worlds USA 5th Place Figure Pro Division

2018 WFF Nationals 2nd Place Figure Pro Divison

2017 WFF Kahma Classic 1st Place Figure Athletic Pro Card given

2017  WFF Kahma Classic Pro Division 5th Place

2016 NABBA/WFF Nationals 3rd Place NABBA Opens, 3rd Place WFF Figure Athletic

2016 NABBA Qld Figure Opens 1st Place

2015 NABBA/WFF Southern Hemispheres 1st Place Figure Masters

2014 WFF Worlds 3rd Place

2014 NABBA/WFF Nationals 1st Place WFF Figure Masters

2014 NABBA/WFF Qld WFF Figure Overalls

2014 NABBA/WFF Qld 1st Place WFF Figure Masters

2013 INBA Brisbane 5th Place Figure International

2010 INBA Brisbane 3rd Place Figure Intermediate

2008 INBA Qld 3rd Place Figure Novice

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