Animal therapy

Animal therapy can be such an amazing experience not only for our furry friends but also for us. For me I got so much out of healing all sorts of animals through reiki healing and chakra rebalancing. Our animals are born healers to their owners and if our animals are sick then high chance we do too or the other way around. It is so vital that we keep our animals healthy and happy not only through our love and affection but healthy eating, exercise, grooming and healing. They give us so much so we should give it right back to them as their owner, we are responsible for their wellness.

Animal therapyMy reiki hands on healing will help any animal heal from physical trauma and mental behaviours, my hands are a conduit for the reiki energy to flow through to where it is needed. I also can incorporate chakra rebalancing on animals which are energy points through out the body to clear energy trapped energy to create a positive flow via my hands placed on the chakra points. I can do either hands reiki healing on or from a distance depending on the circumstances. In the past I worked for the RSPCA doing animal healing for all the animals on campus and some of the animals I couldn’t go near but felt the energy running through to for what they needed.

Contact Me Today

If you have any queries to whether you animal would benefit or not feel free to contact me on 0438453399. I come to the comfort space of your animal and the healing can range between 20-45 minutes.