Reiki is a compassionate and love healing energy and can be accessed through an attunement to heal yourself a process through a Reiki Master.

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Reiki is known as The Universal Life Force Energy, meaning it is earth based energy which acts as a conduit for the transfer of energy through the healers hands to your body for where the energy blockages are. Where there is physical pain there is usually emotional pain connected and the emotional pain comes from the mind.

I work on intuitively guiding the reiki energy to clearing of the mind which will then help clear the emotional blockages and the physical pain. Pain can be from fear, anxiety, sadness, muscular, internal to name a few and I help clear these negative emotions also through the energy Chakras we have in our body. I work with the main 7 energy chakra points and they all relate to certain parts of the spiritual and physical body to clear and rebalance.

Reiki works at the least on three different levels the mental, emotional and physical levels so I aim to clear and rebalance these levels in my treatments.



“I have had the privilege of having a reiki healing through Alli, she was even pregnant at the time she did a healing on me which was very humbling. She explained everything clearly what it was about and what she was going to do in the healing to make me feel comfortable. I felt very at ease and clear in my mind after my healing and decided to go back and have my reiki attunements with Alli to add to my beauty therapy business.”

Lisa Bravey
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