Have you ever thought of competing in a Body Building, Figure, Sports Model or Bikini Competition?

Would you like to know what a Competition Coach does to prep you toward your goals of competing in a competition?

Not sure of which federation or divisions to compete in?

Perhaps you would like more ideas and brush up your skills on competition prepping?

Even if you are working towards a personal goal!

In this two hour workshop I will share with you:
  • 12, six & three month, and two week out preparation, training and nutrition
  • Focus like a Laser Beam – mind focus and emotional control
  • Food – learn about food prepping and how to avoid over-eating and bingeing
  • Supplements – what are they, what do they do and when to take them
  • Posing – run-down of poses for all divisions!
  • Tanning – why brown is better!
  • Costumes – what’s required for all divisions: bikini / sportswear (male & female) / men’s posing trunks
  • Shoes – really do complete an outfit!
  • Bling – learn my tips on how to get noticed!
  • Hair – important advice for first-timers and seasoned competitors
  • Makeup – application, colour, stage presence
  • Federations –I can help you choose which federation is best suited to you
  • Divisions – what each division currently expects from shape, tone and presence
  • Coaches – what they do, why they’re important and why competitors need them!
  • The big day – what to expect
  • 8 week Post competition training program
  • Sponsorship
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For more in-depth information check out my Competition Coaching Packages. I can also do internet and phone consultations.

Alli Keating Figure Champion

“This workshop is a must attend for anyone thinking of competing, especially if you're a first timer like me. Alli went through everything, leaving no questions unanswered. I found this workshop a huge help and feel even more confident now knowing what to expect leading up to and on comp day - thanks Alli! x”

Miranda Mackay

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