I have been working in the Fitness Industry for over 20 years Personal Training clients from ages 11 up to 85 years of age from the non exercise people to the advanced sports specific.

I have a holistic approach with working with my clients from  changing the mindset rewiring the brain and giving my clients the tools they need to overcome daily negative emotions, to setting short and long term goals and how to achieve them. I then work on the foundations of good wholesome food to fuel the body for the physical training based on my clients wants and needs to get them into shape and feel good about themselves.

We are the biggest country for obesity per capita and the biggest in Australia is Queensland my home state so I want to make a big difference in educating our society in retraining our mindset to overcome negative emotions through my metaphysical principles so we can focus on our health and well being for a lifestyle change and doing this also for the next generation to follow in our footsteps comes from YOU to start the ball rolling to make your positive change in our growing community. . ..

I cater for One-on-One, Couples, and Groups for Personal Training

All packages included initial set up and monthly checkins: 

Initial package $100 1.5 hours includes: Skin Fold, measurements, weighin, progression pics, Personalized Meal Plan, Personalized Strength and Conditioning Programme, monthly check ins skinfold, progression shots (price inclusive of weekly PT session, allow 1 hour) 

Option 1: $100 per week (1 month minimum commitment)


2 x weekly 45 minute PT sessions

Option 2: $70 per week 


1 x weekly 45 minute PT session

Option 3: $50 per week


1 x  weekly 30 minute PT session


Personalised Meal Plan Review 30 mins $50

Personalised Programme Review 30 mins $50

Initial LifeStyle Coaching 60 mins $80

Life Style Coaching Review 45 mins $70

Skinfold, measurements weighins 30 mins: $50

Alli Keating Personal Trainer
Alli Keating Personal Trainer Brisbane

My packages can be a single session from $50 to my 5 and 10 packs and weekly packages will save you $ $

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“I’ve been a client of Alli’s for over 18 months, using her personal training and nutritional expertise to help me achieve the most out of my workouts. My diet in particular needed an overhaul, and through Alli’s practical advice my body is now getting the fuel it needs without denying it the occasional treat…in moderation! Alli has even empowered me to forge a career in the fitness industry. Alli Keating, The Transformational Warrior, is a truly inspirational and motivational fitness professional. Thank you Alli!”

Kate Brennan

“I have been training with Alli for about four months now, and in that time I have noticed differences not only in my body but my health, my mindset and my external attitude. She has helped me eliminate bad foods and to see clean eating as a lifestyle, not a diet. I have gone from a size 10 jeans to a size 6 in four months! She spurs me on in classes and pushes me beyond what I think is possible with my strength and endurance. I feel I am a better person for knowing Alli and am so thankful I can train with one of the best in the country.”

Angela Poulsen

“"Joining the six week challenge was the best thing I ever did. Alli and the team were so supportive and I achieved some great goals. The nutrition session at the beginning of the challenge was key to me as it really gave me a good insight into what I should be eating and when which set me up for success. The body scans ever week made a huge difference rather than just getting on the scales as you can see the break down between muscle and fat so you could understand what was happening as your body was changing. Before starting the challenge I had tried many boot camps, personal training, gyms etc and thought cardio was the key to losing weight. Then I met Alli who educated me about weight training, I had always been hesitant about using weights as I was under the impression that I would bulk up. Alli trained me using a mixture of weight training and cardio and my body shape changed more than it ever has especially around my stomach which is my target area. Alli is a great trainer and very supportive and I continue to train with her."”

Claire Freitag
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