• Do you suffer from low self esteem, depression, anxiety, body shape issues?

  • You find it hard to lose weight and yoyo numbers on the scales make you feel emotional?

  • You eat out of habit or emotion and crave certain foods, no energy, finding it hard to overcome negative issues with no time to focus on you??

Stress and depression are now one of the biggest killers in the world today!

Most people have these issues with their mind and body, and I have the answer to them and more!

Contact me today and let me help you find your inner warrior.

One Day Workshop

My one day workshop is focused on rewiring your mind and thoughts through my spiritual work with the metaphysics of energy and physical knowledge combined to give you the tools you need to overcome daily emotional stresses.


8 Week Online Programme

This weekly online programme will fast track you to find your inner warrior and create the future of your mind body and spirit. I will help you transform deep negative emotions into positive ones and create your goals for a greater purpose through the principles of Metaphysical energy. This 8 week online programme goes into more detail than the One Day Workshop that touches on a few of these topics.


“I recently completed a 1day Mind- Body– Spirit Workshop with Alli Keating and totally & thoroughly enjoyed every part. I learnt so much about my mind, body & nutrition in this one day session. This workshop gave me the tools to focus on being a more positive person. It taught me how to visualize my dreams and setting goals for my future by setting positive affirmations in my sub conscious and removing the negative beliefs.”

Chrissy O’Connor

“I just wanted to let u know how amazing I felt after the Mind Body Spirit workshop. I feel like for the first time in a long time .. Or maybe even ever.. I am in a great headspace. I’m aware that it will take work to stay in this good place but I’m willing to do that. My daily routine hasn't changed much but I am more calm about it. I also make time now to do a 20 min meditation after the gym in the morning. I’m feeling clear headed and strong , strong in my mind. Thank u for taking time out of your busy life to help lift people up.
Its amazing. My warmest and most sincere thanks ever.”

Ash Carpenter

“The active, boot-camp session was very enjoyable and Alli is brilliant at showing you many different techniques & exercises on many of the gym’s equipment to get the most out of your workout using every muscle component with the many different variations of exercises for a great workout. Alli then put us through a full body workout boot camp which gave us a variety of different exercises which you could do anywhere when you don’t have a gym. Great for those holiday workouts!”

Chrissy O'Connor

“I have been with Forest Lake Fitness for 10 years, which Alli Keating is also a Trainer. I undertook her course The Transformational Warrior 1 Day Mind – Body – Body Spirit Workshop. I found the full day workshop very informative, I learnt more about nutrition, exercises I can do at home or anywhere if I did not have the gym available. I also learnt about meditation which was wonderful to learn and keep learning, to calm the body and mind, which I needed. I would recommend this workshop to everyone, I thoroughly enjoyed the day with a very relaxed atmosphere.”

Donna Brottier

“Nutrition, well for me Alli has taught me so much, she has given me the guidance, education & understanding of a better healthy clean eating without depriving myself. She simply taught me about better food choices which work for my desired body which I want to create for in my own transformation & being able to treat myself occasionally as well. To finish off the great day we all enjoyed a guided meditation by Alli which is very grounding and gives a relaxing sense of calm.

Alli is a beautiful soul and is certainly an awesome inspiration & fantastic mentor. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who would like to learn more about their “Mind, Body & Spirit". Thank you Alli Keating you are my inspiration!”

Chrissy O'Connor

“I participated in Alli’s One Day Workshop in March 2015 and it was an incredible experience. I didn’t fully understand the importance of Mind Body Spirit and working on all three to truly get positive results in all aspects of my life. Alli’s approach to meditation appeals to all people including myself as a Christian – it has helped me in my spiritual walk as well as my mindset and the way I exercise. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to improve their overall health, mindset or lifestyle.”

Angela Poulsen
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