Before you decide on a goal you need to ask yourself these important questions before you start. . .

  • What is the desire behind the goal and how important is it to you?
  • Are you able to achieve it and how?
  • What is the reason you want to achieve it?
  • How ready and confident to commit yourself to the goal?

Once you have answered these questions then you can put together an action plan.

I normally recommend sub goals, these are preparing you for the bigger goal. Break it down to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sub goals. A major goal will have two stages short term 3 months and long term 12 months or more to check in for maintenance. Also look at the negatives what may be a barrier, situations out of your control or in your control, also non support networks. These are things you may come across that set you back so you need a strategy in place to overcome any barriers. Reduce the relapse before it happens, make a list of your support network to have accountability and support. The more you achieve your sub goals the easier it will be to achieve your bigger goal. . . .

In my new Weight Management and Lifestyle Package I go through in more detail and break it all down into manageable and achievable goals so we can get you to the bigger goals of your dreams. . . .contact me for more information on my goal setting packages!

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