We hear the word “Gut Health” all the time now days in the media, magazines, health food shop signs etc. So why now days are we hearing it more so than we did in the past? Well there are numerous reasons to name a few, we consume more processed and acid forming food adding to the globesity crisis. We eat more fast food with less fibre and more sugar in our diets and our daily alcohol consumption can be very high.

Symptoms of poor gut health may be lethargy, gassy, bloated, sluggish, constipated, abdominal pain. These may be caused by medications, alcohol, high fat intake and the list goes on. The general population are starting to understand about how important our digestive system is for us to be able to function with  good healthy balanced nutritious food. I’m only going into the basics recommendations of how to look after your gut as I believe a good Naturopath, Dietician or Nutritionist can do this at a deeper more informative level and more personalised.  I have contacts who I highly recommend if you need please email me.

I have some yummy nutrient rich food on my recipe page that are very easy to make to give you a few ideas.

A few helpful recommendations on a healthier digestive system are:

  • Eat a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Check out Nutrition Australia food pyramid for your daily servings 
  • Make fibre a high part of your daily intake of food
  • 8 glasses of water per day (2 litres) or more depending on what activities you do
  • Majority of your food should be nutritiously rich food
  • A good prebiotic or prebiotic rich foods in your daily intake eg whole grains, fruits, green vegies, fermented foods eg sauerkraut, kimchi, yoghurt, Inner Health Plus
  • Cut alcohol back to a minimal (sorry fun police here)
  • Take a drink supplement eg Vital Greens which gives part of your daily requirements of fruit, veg, pro biotics

A nice affirmation to say before bed at night ” My body’s natural healing system is strong, and I allow an infinite flow of health and wellness flow through me know.”

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