What’s your belief system?

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Are you really happy and content with yourself and life in general? Is your belief system working for you? Most people will probably answer NO to these questions. I like to look at everything as being simplistic and looking beyond the pressures we have as lessons needed to be learnt, and to become stronger conquering them. Everything all comes back to our BELIEF system. We need to look beyond our own ego at times to why we act and attract what we do in life. How many times do you hear “Why do I attract negative people into my life”, or “I don’t want any negative people or situations in my life anymore”. So why do we attract negativity into our life? Well here it is in a nutshell from yes my belief system . . . We have expectations of others, we dwell on the past, we fixate on the future and this all can make us unhappy, frustrated etc. So what do we do then to get out of the rut we put ourselves in? Focus on what you WANT in your life and what you can do about it with NO expectations. This then won’t lead to anxiety if we have no expectations but a goal of what you want to achieve. We all want to achieve things but our expectations are what can lead to disappointment. How about looking at goals as simple things to start with like your own self worth? I talk in my spiritual context as “Changing your energy vibration into positive energy which then creates the positive energy flow around you with others”. It’s simply called Karma. From a child I felt I was intuitive to then become very busy in my spiritual healing business. I realised people were coming to me to “fix” them only to come back to me for more spiritual healing. Now days I teach spiritual development so my clients go away with the tools to heal and overcome daily obstacles themselves. As those who know me Im not a hairy fairy hippie believing what’s meant happen will happen but more to the point, find your belief system that will bring happiness longterm to you. I hope this blog will help you, I do one on one spiritual development from the school of hard knox, so no soft approach my way, and it works The Transformational Warrior way! 

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