Welcome to my revamped website and to my followers thank you for being patient while it was under construction.


The Transformational Warrior has been TRANSFORMED 🙂

I am really excited about 2017 and what it brings to us all.

I feel that while we all need to focus on where we are now and have goals set, we also need to balance it with any day to day issues that may come up. By doing this we can then get up, brushing ourselves off, knowing we all have set backs caused from day to day issues.

It’s about getting back into the focus off the goal again.

I too had a festive season and set backs, however I balanced it out with my day to day issues and got on with the goal at heart. Mine is a competition in 12 weeks and yes I went a little crazy over the festivities but I still trained, slept and refueled.

Here is evidence of some festivities. . . .

It’s important to have “balance” in your life.

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