The x’mas theme has started already.

I have noticed over the last few days being out and about the x’mas theme has started already. I must admin I do get excited to think I should start thinking of x’mas shopping soon and get the decorations dusted for the celebrations ahead. But then I get side tracked and a few weeks then go by and before I know it its a few weeks before and I think “Ok that has come around quick I should get my list together for cooking treats and buying presents.” My busiest time for spiritual healing is this time of the year as something seems to trigger peoples minds of stress and anxiety relating to x’mas.

X’mas for some can be a lonely time and for others a busy stressful time. Me personally have been on both sides of the spectrum so I understand when people are stressed at this time of the year for what ever reason. I find by helping people through their stress by quietening and clearing the mind of all the negative thoughts that come through, then they seem to be more at ease during the festive (so it should be) season. We can all help others as well as ourselves by being grateful for what we have and helping others who find it a struggle for whatever reason. Now I say this for a reason and it all comes back to the laws of metaphysics, positive thoughts creates positive energy (vise versa for negative)  . . . .

We now need to focus on clearing the mind through either a meditation or what helps you do this and then focusing on positive affirmations or mantras to change our thought process, so when we are in the peak of the x’mas festivities we will be able to not only want to help others but also enjoy our own celebrations. . . .

Silly Season
Merry Christmas Everyone

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