Welcome back to my 2nd Blog. . . .  🙂

I have had such amazing feedback with my website as well as launching my first One Day Workshop and now fine tuning the 8 week online programme so it is easy to access for everyone. Once this is online to purchase I will work on my 8 Mweek advanced online programme and finally get onto completing my metaphysical hand book. Lot’s of exciting things to come your way to transform your Mind Body and Spirit. . . .

I’m just about to book a few One Day Workshops through out Brisbane and also my nutritional workshops will start up again very soon. I’m just trying to find the time to get days free now as I am in my competition training 8 weeks out from the Southern Hemispheres figure competition so I also need to take the time out to prepare for this huge event.

I have also just added another recipe one of my favorites and so tasty and good for you too! Until next time enjoy your week and share my website and face book page. . . .

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Mind Body & Spirit Programmes

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