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I would like to introduce to you dear friends and clients of mine Chrissy and Johnny who compete as a couple in body building.

Chrissy started seeing me a few years ago after coming to one of my shows that inspired her – she asked “Do you think I could do what you do?” My answer “Yes of course you can and I will help you get there!”  Then getting Chrissy ready for her first show with Johnny supporting her, Johnny  come to me asking “Alli so you think I could do this too?”  My short answer “Yes of course you can if you both support each other through the journey.”   They both never looked back and they just keep getting better and better!

Couple competing may not be for everyone, however there are couples out there that will commit themselves and come out stronger on the other side.  Here is Chrissy and Johnny’s helpful tips. . . .

“How Johnny and I support each other during comp season is to do everything together as a team… gym workouts, food prepping, posing sessions and more importantly keeping each other focused during the hard times emotionally and mentally.  

This we have found is quite normal and also building & surrounding yourself with people who have the same passion and goals is a BIG pick-me-up when in doubting times.

Sharing and talking things through, and focusing not only on yourself but each others’ progress also makes for an awesome competing team as a couple.  We love what we do together as it has both helped build our self esteem and confidence.

I might also mention that it is normal to get angry… hangry during comp prep and understanding the process as we have experienced many times.  Totally think this journey is so worth it for giving such an uplifting, overwhelming feeling of proudness and self achievement.  We also love helping others with sharing our journey of the love of this sport.

Appreciate the lift that Alli Keating give us also and all the support and guidance as a coach.” – Chrissy and Johnny O’Connor

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