Kylie first came to me after the recommendation I would help her loose weight, previously losing some weight doing boxing cardio classes, I introduced her to strength training. I wrote out a programme that suited Kylies lifestyle and body shape and every few months changed it for her. I couldn’t help be amazed at how her body transformed with the dedication and drive she had. She then asked if she could be coached by me and be stage ready in 12 months for her first competition competing in fitness. I said I felt she needed to put in the hard yards mentally and physically and I would give her the tools and guide her every step of the way. She did it! Kylie competed in her first show last year and I was so proud of her. While she was getting ready for her show she put in the hard study time to become a qualified Personal Trainer, Metafit, Pound and Punch Boxing and Kick Pad Instructor. I felt this courier would be perfect for her as she is an inspiration, she has an amazing heart and has been in the situation of being overweight and did something about it. Like Kylie said “Anything is possible. Never give up”. Kylies business is called All Seasons Personal Training so look her up if your in the Forest Lake area as I know her style as I have worked with Kylie for a while now so highly recommend her. Here is a testimonial she put together for me, thank you Kylie. X

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“What an amazing year it’s been starting my journey in September 2016 with a high body fat % I never thought I could do it . But with my super amazing coach Alli Keating with the knowledge and guidance, I could never have dreamed of ever being able to achieve the body I desired or to ever think I could ever enter myself into a fitness comp. It’s been a huge road physically and mentally but so worth it, yes I’ve cried, screamed, swore and just shut down, but the end result is just so rewarding. I have always been the shy type and the thought of going on stage absolutely scares the living daylights out of me but I did it and finishing my Season B, thank you Alli Keating from the bottom of my heart, my coach and now a special friend by my side anything is possible. Never give up.” Kylie Bewert

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