Feeling strong on the inside and out I feel is the key to Vitality. Finding the fire in your belly and with a passion for feeling confident within your self will get you there. So here are are my top tips on a scheduled week of building on your Vitality and balancing your week.

Monday : Mindfulness (be in the moment with your thoughts with what your doing), Motivation (build some motivation momentum with mantras to start your week), Meat free (have a highly nutritious vegetarian day).

Tuesday: Transformation (focus on your mindset today on goal setting to create more positive pathways), Treat (treat yourself to a calming therapy or a nice quiet coffee/tea somewhere with a book, Training (try something new/different out of your comfort zone or a beginning of a new you with small steps).

Wednesday: Wellness (give time for you to create more well being goals for long term life commitment), Workout (find a type of workout to try that suits you, home programme, health club, group workouts), Wet (increase your fluids ie water to the recommended requirements),  Whole grains (add wholegrain food into your daily food, unless intolerant of course), Walking (go walk the dogs, kids, partner, friends and keep it fun).

Thursday: Therapy (Massage, Reiki, Bowen, Dorn, Reflexology, Yoga, Body Balance, Energy Healing), Tranquility (quiet time at home, dim the lights, a nice oil burner in the back ground, soothing music to calm the environment and make it tranquil).

Friday: Fun (let your hair down and have some fun, crank up the music, make some yummy nutritious fun food), Family and Friends (10 min pep talk, catch up with a random call to a friend or family).

Saturday: Silly (It’s all about going back to your child like self and having some fun ie beach trip, bush walking, hang with the kids or friends or just do something fun for yourself that’s a feel good on the inside activity)

Sunday: Soothing (relax and deep breathing work), Stretching (Stretch out the knots from the week that’s been), Spirit (find your inner peace).

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