Competition Prep over the X’mas season. . . .

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Goal setting over the festive season.

I don’t know how you feel about starting goal setting over the festive season as it is a hard thing to do.

I for the first time have decided to try competition prepping over the x’mas period for my next round of figure competitions 2016. Why might you ask? Well a few reasons, firstly I have a sweet tooth and my will power is at it’s weakest during this time of the year with social activities and my own X’mas cooking. I also become a bit quieter with all my businesses winding down so more time for me to focus on my own goals for next year.

I do become busier with social functions however I have more me time too so I can utilise this time to start eating better with good food choices, 30minute body weight training and no over eating my naughty foods but to enjoy them in small doses. If I eat clean over the festive season then the treats won’t put on the extra kilos and next year back into business I won’t have to work as hard. . .

I hope this is a thought for you to consider too. . . .So what are your goals for next year you can implement now to strengthen your will?

Competition Prep Over Christmas

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