This weeks blog is about Become Fearless mindset training. A few skills on how to become fearless and less anxious in every day life and put together and use the mindset training from my previous blog on Mindset Training (have a read).

I use the Hierarchy exposure ladder so one small step then reward for motivating to the next step, this goes for fear, anxiety and bad habits

  • What is the trigger behind this fear
  • Start with an easier one to face
  • Act in the face of this fear to overcome it as this is our conscious mind in control
  • Replace the fear with a positive reward (praise for accomplishment) to motivate to the next level of fear to overcome
  • Continue through all fears as it gets easier to overcome the more you face it and deal with it there and then and builds your confidence
  • The more you reward yourself the less fears you will have to overcome

This skill can be used for habits too

  • Start with a small achievable habits to build confidence to conquer harder habits
  • Every time you reject a bad one your skill-will power becomes stronger as you replace with a good habit
  • Reward based motivation and praise with a good support network to be accountable too
  • Commitment to change

So choose to become fearless with some basic skills you now have to change your thoughts from fear to move forward and focus on what your aspirations and goals are.

Book in with me to develop the skills on how to change your mindset or find out where my next Mind Body Spirit Transformational Warrior Workshops will be next. . .

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