This week I went to visit my amazing friend and Yoga teacher Leanne Stanton owner of Energy Depot in Samford, Queensland. I tried  an Anti Gravity Yoga class with Leanne who had mentioned to me how good it would be for my own wellness and I am hooked, love it and the benefits so here is what Leanne had to say about it. .

‘In our Antigravity class, we prepared our bodies for the week ahead by warming them up quickly, strengthening them from the inside out, increasing our flexibility and cardio fitness, then fully surrendering to the support of the hammock. Some of the benefits include increased strength, resets your organs, releases a happy hormone cocktail, gets the kinks out of your neck and back, increases joint mobility, balance and agility and guarantees you a super FUN workout.

Sometimes we just have to find stillness and be present in our own skins or hammocks 🙏 Taking time to reflect is to nurture. Antigravity therapy… is for everyone. Soar to your new heights with this amazing program Benefits include: strength, length, flexibility and spine decompression. Forms are unveiled when we allow ourselves to release and relax completely’ Leanne Stanton
‘To change is to trust yourself to step out of your comfort zone without fear’ Leanne Stanton.

To find out more contact Leanne Stanton at Energy Depot Samford 0400071214 and like the face book page for all upcoming events. . .

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