I won my WFF Pro card!


I’m the new WFF PRO CARD WINNER!! I competed in the WFF Kahma Classic in Melbourne 2nd April aiming to win my Pro Card and I finally achieved what I have set out for since I started in 2008 as a figure competitor. So yes it has taken me a long time to get to this stage and my condition and physique gets better with every year of competition prep with NABBA/WFF and getting on stage. My next aim is for a WFF International show hopefully next year so I can spend time working on my size and condition and the weaker spots to focus on. This was by far my hardest prep to date however it all paid off with focus, commitment and persistance.  Now I will also focus on my growing team of Transformational Warriors.


WFF Figure Pro

Alli Keating The Transformational Warrior WFF PRO CARD Win

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