I have been a very busy little bee with my figure competition training the past few weeks leading up to NABBA/WFF Southern Hemispheres which was last weekend and placed 1st in my division for WFF Figure Masters which was a huge accomplishment for me. Had a week off training and a more relaxed eating regime but still nutritious and healthy food to keep my body energised and immune system strong coming into our winter months. I have and will post a few more recipes this week so I hope you get to try these deliscious treats and wholesome food.

I have nearly completed the 8 week online programme to purchase at your finger tips so it is easy to download. Watch this space for the big launch of this programme and the 8 week advanced one very close behind it. I will be running a few Mind Body Spirit, Meditation, Nutrition, Pre competition training workshops in July to December in Brisbane so if your interested please email me for the details. Well you enjoy your week and keep focused on what you would like to achieve by  the end of it.  Bye bye!



Alli Keating QLD Titles

Keep focused everyone 🙂

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