Winners are Grinners and my amazing Transformational Warriors have all won and accomplished what they set out to achieve. I am so proud of how far my team of Transformational Warriors have come this year, some who have competed the year before in my team and for the first time. We ended up on a great end to  the season all hungry for more. I am especially proud of the ones who got up on stage for the first time all nervous as expected and come off stage with the biggest smile on their faces for accomplishing more than they had of dreamed! I also want to say how proud I am of my team who competed in Interstate and Overseas, a huge accomplishment competing at State and International level. My team are all growing from the inside with self development and that to me is the most important, because if the mind is focused, balanced and clarity then so is the body.

Also a big thank you to my Affiliated Team of hair and makeup artists Lyndie from Evolve Hair and Makeup, Bec and Carla you all make a great team in my business. Well done Team!  #teamallikeating.

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