Last night as my first Vlog on my Face Book page on Mindset Training of a Warrior. I was talking about forward thinking and the big picture to changing our mindset and forward thinking. Two things I bring to awareness as the start of the journey into mindset training is how our subconscious and conscious mimd work. This is my method I have used not only for myself but for lots of people who cross my path, family, friends, in my business with my clients over the years and it works!

I start with the subconscious mind is our positive intuitive thoughts telling us what path we need to follow and the choices we should make on a daily basis. We talk about how our heart centre feels good and no doubts about decisions we make then that’s our subconscious mind talking, this is our souls purpose if you like to call it (there are many names for this but this is the one I use). Then there is the conscious mind also telling us what choices to make and feel on a daily basis. These I call our Daily Deliberate Actions, the default to our thoughts every morning when we wake up what we are doing for the day. We have systemised ourselves this way all our lives. I’m not saying this is a bad thing as this is the way we learnt survival and how to live from our peers. However when we are making choices every day on how we feel or what we should be doing we tend to listen to our conscious mind and our ego (another topic for another time). Now if you grew up or made the choices to live a happy emotionally balanced with no ego mind through your subconscious mind then that’s what we can actually do. Alot of spiritual healers as well as go with the flow relaxed happy go lucky people have learned how to listen to their subconscious mind to making the right choices in life, that’s what I aim to teach people. We can retrain our mind to make our subconscious mind the default to our thoughts for Daily Deliberate Actions and still have our conscious mind there for back up if we need it. Heavy stuff but once you get your head around it then it’s a “Oh I get it, that makes sense”. It’s not about religion but a change of mindset if your belief system isn’t working for you or it needs tweaking.

The second thing I talk about is the metaphysics of energy at quantum level. Energy is every where all around and in us so the change of thoughts are a reflexion of our energy. So we can change our thoughts at anytime. There are many ways to do this and I am listing ones that are quick, easy and no cost to everyone. apart from energy. . .haha

  • Gratitude Diary list 3 things daily at the end of your day you are grateful for before you go to sleep for 30 days (at least).
  • Give with NO expectations this can be time, money, energy as examples. Charity work is so detoxifying and also can be very therapuetic.
  • Learn to still the mind and then you can hear your subconscious mind telling you what to do. Guided meditation is great for this.
  • Create a vision board, what you want and focus in the end result and FEEL it! Use visuals and power mantras as an example.
  • Start networking in your local community, community spirit is very powerful and everyone talks.

Good luck with your new mindset training of a warrior