A process of transforming yourself through thoughts.

“Guided meditation is a very productive way to learn how to meditate for RELAXATION and to go deeper to CLEAR AND TRANSFORM THE MIND.”

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We all suffer or have suffered negative emotions at some point; for some it can be a daily occurrence. These negative feelings arise from a negative mindset, which in turn results in stress and anxiety. Regular meditation will help you to OVERCOME STRESS AND ANXIETY.

With a clear mind and positive thoughts, mental blockages will melt away as you become able to MAKE BETTER CHOICES and to set your life on a more positive path.

Throughout the guided meditations that I teach, I focus on the five senses—Touch, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Sight. The strengthening of these senses in your mind is a very important aid to ACCESS YOUR INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM and MAKE POSITIVE CHOICES in your life.

You will learn how to relax through breathing techniques and to release any stagnant energy, CLEARING AND REBALANCING YOUR BODY.

You will be taught a simple way to GROUND YOURSELF and protect yourself from negative energy.

You will acquire the tools to INCREASE YOUR INTUITIVE AWARENESS for personal development.

My guided meditation workshops are for groups of 4–10 people. Each workshop consists of 4 x weekly 1-hour sessions investment of $100 payed in advance. This can be held either at my place or in the comfort of your own home or business with financial incentives to have a group gathering of your own.

Everything you need is provided, including the chairs we will be using for meditation and the relaxed atmosphere. You will complete your workshop with all the tools you need to live in the moment and to clear your mind anywhere, any time.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 week meditation course. It was just what I needed and at the right time and good to come back to something I haven’t done for so long. Very Grounding is the best way I can describe the experience. I enjoyed ALL aspects of each meditation and greatly appreciated the chance to record them. Each time we did a meditation I feel that I was of great be if to me. I also enjoyed seeing the new people to meditation grow and improve their awareness and the shocked but pleased look on their faces when it happened. You are doing a great thing Alli creating awareness and helping people with this, I don’t think you could improve or add to it. I thought it was perfect the way it was, I would recommend these guided meditations to anyone.”

Belinda Houghton

“I gained a great deal from the 4 week meditation course it answered a lot of questions for me and helped me to understand myself. The course has taught me how to deal with issues such as depression, anger and self-esteem and I can now confidently deal with each issue as they arise with thanks to guided meditation. Alli Keating is a great teacher and mentor and I highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Alli you have helped me a lot and I wish you every happiness and success!”

Johnny O’Connor
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