I have been an intuitive reader since I was a teenager reading for my friends and it wasn’t until after I become a reiki master I had more confidence in myself to add this service to my business. I would read for clients, friends, family, festivals and charity events, I then started a business called Mind and Body Pamper Parties 10 years ago having all kinds of spiritual readers working with me and we would do spiritual parties all over Brisbane.

The more readings I did the more messages would come through for people who needed them at the time. I still run pamper parties and do regular reading for people as this is such a passion of mine. All my readings are always positive and empowering for the person to take away. The way I read is through receiving intuitive messages through my tarot cards to give clarity and understanding of what is happening in the now with insight information to assist in ones journey towards their futures path.

I can do 30 minute express readings and 45 minute full readings with questions and answers. Readings can be done in person, phone or skype, you can be over the other side of the world for me to do a reading. . . .

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“I met with Alli in October 2012 for a spiritual reading using her Tarot cards and am very pleased with the guidance she was able to provide. The reading was accurate and very pertinent to my personal situation so I felt that I got a lot from it – mainly clarity of mind. Alli’s approach was to put me at ease before she started and describe what would happen during the reading. Being unfamiliar with the Tarot cards themselves, Alli was very reassuring as she explained each card as they were turned and spoke in great length as to what they symbolise. This helped me to understand how the cards related to my own personal circumstances and dilemmas. Alli allowed me plenty of time to ask any questions that I had and at no time did I feel rushed or uncomfortable. I would happily refer people to go and see Alli for a reading.”

Suzy Roy
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