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“As my coach and PT, Alli not only has the knowledge on competing but she lives and breathes it. She understands all the emotions and mindset needed to be successful in this sport – particularly the mindset of post-competing which I know many industry experts neglect. She predicted every step of my journey and I put my complete trust in her and she was right every step of the way! I cannot rate her as a coach highly enough.”
“If you want the best results, you need to be trained by the best. And Alli is the best.”

Ange Poulsen

“After training with Alli for my first figure comp, I improved my physique tremendously in a short amount of time. Alli is supportive and takes pride in every client she personally works with. Alli offers the complete package of training, posing and nutrition. Alli immediately identified the specific areas that could use improvement. She took me through each pose and thoroughly guided me how to perfect it. After 8 weeks of training with Alli I was able to get down to 14% BF with 4 weeks to go. Unfortunately, due to injury I was unable to compete, however I would not have achieved so much without the knowledge, guidance, support and friendship of Alli Keating.Its amazing. My warmest and most sincere thanks ever.”

Kirsty James

“I’ve been a client of Alli’s for over 18 months, using her personal training and nutritional expertise to help me achieve the most out of my workouts. My diet in particular needed an overhaul, and through Alli’s practical advice my body is now getting the fuel it needs without denying it the occasional treat…in moderation! Alli has even empowered me to forge a career in the fitness industry. Alli Keating, The Transformational Warrior, is a truly inspirational and motivational fitness professional. Thank you Alli!”

Kate Brennan

“Thank you Alli for always being there for us and being such an amazing leader and coach. I think it's very fair to say none of us could do what we do without you!”

Ange Poulsen

“Alli you are looking amazing! At this stage by the time your competition day you will all look absolutely amazing. Be proud & stand tall because everyone deserves too. And with a huge thanks to our amazing coach & mentor Alli Keating you are amazing & we are all truely blessed to have you as our coach & mentor.”

Johnny O’connor

“"After training for several years with little result. I challenged myself in 2015 to complete the first transformation Challenge with Alli. I have now completed all the challenges with Alli. I have learnt so much along the way, Alli is a fountain of knowledge. I have learnt to eat clean, exercise smart for maximum results.
I am still on my transformational journey with Alli by my side. I have committed to competing in my first body building competition in October 2017.
I never thought that this would be possible, Alli offers full support and guidance, I highly recommend Alli to anyone who is looking to make a positive and lasting change to their life."

Tiffany Piper

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