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I am very excited I have created the business of my dreams from all my businesses over the years, combining my knowledge and experience.

I started as a Fitness Instructor teaching and competing back in the day “Aerobics”  and teaching Group Fitness classes to then becoming a Personal Trainer at an early age. All of this was due to me being overweight in school and low self esteem and being bullied. I was also very intuitive at an early age, sensing energy and emotions from people and taking it all on board.

When I was 30 I decided to train in Reiki and become attuned to the energy through a Reiki Master. My Reiki, intuitive reading and Personal Training business become very successful as I would combine them with my clients for mind and body work to empower them to achieve their goals. In my mid 30’s I started studying nutrition/weight management so I combined nutritional programmes into my clients lifestyle.

I decided in 2008 to compete in figure competitions as I was feeling very clear minded and grounded working with my spiritual and physical work. I  again competed in 2010 and also did very well, I then fell pregnant with my amazing gorgeous son. I had a few years off competing to work on motherhood however I still trained my clients and had my reiki and intuitive reading business. In 2012 I completed a meditation course, it complimented everything I was teaching and also helped me in so many ways and I now teach guided meditation to groups all over Brisbane.

My business is now Mind Body Spiritual working in all aspects of mind work to have the tools to overcome negative emotions, the physical work and this is a combination of  having the knowledge of healthy eating and smarter exercising, and the spiritual which is the most important to understand how the mind works from a subconscious mind.

I use a systematic approach to all of this training so it is easy to use on a daily basis and becomes easy the more it is done. I wrote a book on metaphysics while I was pregnant which will be completed soon as a handbook to compliment and go deeper into the areas I cover already.

My passion is about creating a positive mindset for you to overcome daily emotional issues that stop you from becoming happy and achieving your dreams and goals. I want to EMPOWER you to create a positive mindset for a long term happy and healthy lifestyle from the inside out. . . . .I’m straight to the point, teaching you to transform the mind body spirit with hard mental and physical work to be results driven.

About Me - Alli Keating the Transformational Warror
I have found the “Missing Link” on how to overcome daily emotional obstacles for not only myself, but for my clients.
  • Certificate III IV Personal Training

  • Certificate in Weight Management Essentials

  • Certificate in Nutrition for Fat Loss

  • Certificate in Physical Activity for Fat Loss

  • Certificate in Weight Loss Coaching

  • PunchFit/Kick Pad Qualified

  • Les Mills Grit Series and Body Balance Instructor

  • Boxing Instructor

  • Meditation Coach

  • Usui and Senju – Kannon Reiki I II III

  • Intuitive Reader/Healer

  • Senior First Aid

 Competition Profile 
  • 2018 WFF Worlds USA 5th Place Figure Pro Division
  • 2018 WFF Australian Champions 2nd Place Figure Pro division
  • 2017 WFF Kahma Classic 1st Place Figure Athletic Pro Card given
  • 2017 WFF Kahma Classic 5th Place Pro Card Division 
  • 2016 NABBA/WFF Nationals 3rd Place NABBA Opens, 3rd Place WFF Figure Athletic
  • 2016 NABBA Qld Figure Opens 1st Place
  • 2015 NABBA/WFF Southern Hemispheres 1st Place Figure Masters
  • 2014 WFF Worlds 3rd Place
  • 2014 NABBA/WFF Nationals 1st Place WFF Figure Masters
  • 2014 NABBA/WFF Qld WFF Figure Overalls
  • 2014 NABBA/WFF Qld 1st Place WFF Figure Masters
  • 2013 INBA Brisbane 5th Place Figure International
  • 2010 INBA Brisbane 3rd Place Figure Intermediate
  • 2008 INBA Qld 3rd Place Figure Novice

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